Tsubagakure Bridge Passway

Tsubagakure Bridge Passway

Tsubagakure Main Entrance Demo view.

Akar Hattori Standing on the Bridge passway to Tsubagakure

The main Bridge to enter our home....

3 Villages

  • Tsubagakure no Sato
  • Setsuka No Sato

Tsubagakure no Sato

Tsubagakure no Sato was founded by the three noble clans of Hattori, Mitsunari and Senju. It is also the home to the Kuso Kirai order and the Reapers of Life covenant. The village itself was founded on the principles of harmony and the village motto is "Peace by means of Unity." which further emphasises its harmonic principles. Among the eight villages of Edo, Tsubagakure no Sato is the largest in both size and population. Due to its position on the world map, it's at the center of many wars and therefore focuses a lot of its resources towards bettering its military strength/training. Tsubagakure no Sato is host to many of the land's highly regarded heroes of the past, most notably, the Devil Hanzō. The village itself is divided into districts; these districts are:

  • Capital District: This district serves as the political seat-of-power of Tsubagakure no Sato and both the Council Hall and Tsubagakure Academy for Mastery of the Secret Arts (TAMSA) are located. It primarily comprises of government officials, teachers and students; though the Tsubagakure Dōjō is also popularly used to test a shinobi's mettle.
  • Downtown District: This district is perhaps the busiest of all Tsubagakure no Sato districts. It's home to a wide array of shops, restaurants and most notably the Armory. Despite the fact that Tsubagakure no Sato has a relatively low crime rate compared to other villages, if crimes are commited the village guard tend to spend most of their investigations in this district; the alleyways make for great escape routes and are essential to Tsubagakure shinobi in the case of an attack.
  • Seaside District: This district is the smallest of the districts that make up Tsubagakure no Sato; it's also the most scenic. Very few reside in the Seaside District because taxes for living there are slightly higher and those with tax reductions are commonly fisherman, who are essential members of the village. Aside from your fishermen, there are fewer wealthier citizens who can afford a residence in the Seaside District without having to flex any muscles.  
  • Blue District: In this district most of the shinobi, civilans, etc.. come to realx after a hard days work. Some even come to enjoy the Sake bar or even gamble, then we have those who come to walk around the park area or even just stare at the stars. So this district is where anyone can go to blow steam and eat all of the fresh Ramen they want well that is if they have money.
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