Hattori Ichizoku

Symbol of the Hattori Ichizoku

服部一族 Hattori Ichizoku

Is one of the well-known clans of Tsubagakure; they're well known for their very intensive training. The Hattori clan constantly kept each one of their members working hard to prepare for all oncoming battles. It was unclear to some why they kept such a strict system, but to others it worked; some say it is like a dream watching these legendary warriors train.

三成一族 Mitsunari Ichizoku Edit

平氏一族 Taira IchizokuEdit

Taira no Kyodai

The Taira siblings: Taira no Gomei (Left) and Taira no Mu (Right)

The Taira clan are a noble clan of many great heroes as well as tyrants and are generally believed to be extinct throughout all of Japan. Few are aware that this clan, long-since disgraced in history, continues to secretly live on in very small pockets of the land.

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