All Clans Dojutsu's 

  • Hattori Ichizoku, their Doujutsu is known as Aoi-Kage. This Doujustu has three actual steps, first is the yeilder's normal eyes even though it has not been activated their Doujutsu allows them to tap into hidden strength to aid them during certain events. Next we have the second stage which is actually the main begining to Aoi-kage is known as Aoi. Aoi allows the yeilder to tap furtuther into their power system to help them create powerful, effective attacks or even defensives things. The second stage also increases their vision to have the eye sight of hawk, also it allows the yeilder to see inside their oppenet but that can only be done if they cannot plainly see there oppenet. Finally you have Aoi-Kage, this stage would be known as the Strongest this particular power allows the yeilder to unlock all of their true powers at once whether it is elemental or physical it will be open at once. During the time frame it is in use this ability is dangerous to the yeilder because it can cause extreme exhaustion, but you can heal from it over time. 
  • Mitsunari Ichizoku 
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