Character First Name:

((Character first name here))

Character Last Name:

((Character last name here))

Nickname: (optional)


(( Character age here. Typically for children they will be the age of 5-12. ))

Date of Birth:

(( Date of Birth goes here, make sure to list MM/DD/YY  ))


((Male or female ))


(( Village you are from/ born at)) 


((The average height for a 12 year old is 4'10"))


((Average weight for a 12 year old is 90lbs))

Blood Type:

((A, B, AB, B, etc etc...))


(( Civilian, Shinobi, Martial Artist, Samurai ))




Relationship Status:

((Most likely "Single" for new joining Academy Students.))


(( At least 100 words, preferably 200+. A well developed character is the key to a well developed rp.))



((Your Clan or Family and information about them,.))


(( Specail attacks etc... follow the template below for any and all techniques added,))

Name:  (what is the name of this technique?)

Romaji: (this is optional; what is this technique in Romaji/translated japanese?)

Rank: (what is the rank of this technique? bear in mind that you need to base this upon limitations per character on the Rules & Regulations page. E-rank is lowest, S-rank is highest.)

Type: (does this technique fall under a certain element or is it a bloodline technique or other?)

Prerequisite(s): (does this technique require any condition, object or otherwise before it can be used?)

Description: (describe what exactly this technique looks like, how it works and how it effects/affects the opponent.)

Element One:

(( Wind, Fire, Lightning, Water, Earth, Light, Dark, Spirit.))

Element Two:

(( Wind, Fire, Lightning, Water, Earth, Light, Dark, Spirit.))

Weapon of choice:

((You wont use a weapon until you are trained with one))

Weapon Inventory:

Your Projectile Weapons Inventory.


((Your village ect.))


((Your enemies, rivals))

Background Information:

((Your background information))

((Should be 250 words long at least. If you are 6 years old, you have 6 years of backstory which you can write about or at least make us aware of. ))

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